ISB has a limited number of seats available in High School for the 2018/19 school year. Applicants will be selected on a merit basis with respect to academic ability. Applicants showing talent in the arts, athletics, leadership and global citizenship will also be considered.

In the High School at ISB, we provide students with that perfect combination of challenge and life-balance. We prepare them for higher education, challenge them intellectually and help them develop as individuals. We walk them through their college and university preparation journey. We help them to choose the right university or college for them, to choose the right subjects, to do well and improve beyond measure. We give them the license to be themselves, to follow and excel in their passions and we give them the confidence and skills they need to get into their ideal college, to positively contribute to society, to have the life they want and to be the people they want to be.

ISB High School Student Community

Our dedicated and passionate teachers value them, inspire them and support them. Our community encourages them and celebrates them. They choose from a range of subjects through ISB programs and the IB Diploma Programme. They have real-world experiences and opportunities to learn from the world’s best. These opportunities not only add to school-life balance but develop well-rounded, global citizens. They have access to seven counselors, four of which are focused solely on college counseling and guidance. They benefit from the long-standing and close relationships that we have developed with top universities around the world over our 66 year history. They, and their whole family, become an integral part of our nurturing and diverse international community.

ISB Vision

ISB strives to enrich communities through the intellectual, humanitarian, and creative thoughts and actions of our learners.

ISB Mission

Through outstanding teaching and learning in a nurturing environment, ISB inspires students to achieve their academic and personal potential

ISB Values